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Felony charges come with very harsh penalties

A person who is facing criminal charges for the first time might have some questions about what certain things mean.…

09 Jul,2020
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Terroristic threats and terrorism are criminal activities

Terroristic threatening is a criminal act that can lead to serious charges. There are various laws that prohibit individuals from…

19 Jun,2020
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Learn the sentencing factors that impact your case

A person who’s facing a felony charge needs to know what factors go into the sentencing phase of these cases.…

08 May,2020
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What’s the long-term impact of being a convicted felon?

When a defendant is facing criminal charges, they often think about the short-term implications of being convicted of a crime…

10 Apr,2020
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Misdemeanors and felonies have some big differences

People who are facing criminal charges need to find out several key points of information when they’re dealing with their…

27 Mar,2020
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Collateral Consequences Make Life Difficult

Felony charges are a complex undertaking because of the impacts they can have on the defendant if they're convicted of…

26 Feb,2020
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Crime classifications directly impact sentences

People who are involved in the criminal justice system must realize that not all charges are handled in the same…

21 Feb,2020
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Know What Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion Mean

In order to arrest you, police officers either have to have a loopwarrant in hand or they need probable cause…

22 Nov,2019
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A Felony Conviction Can Impact Every Area of Your Life

Individuals who are convicted of a felony criminal charge have a long road ahead of them. This conviction can impact…

22 Oct,2019
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Probation Violations Must Be Carefully Handled

One of the possible sentences that a person facing a felony might encounter is being placed on probation. When this…

03 Jan,2019
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