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Field Sobriety Tests Can Be Important in Your Criminal Defense

Police officers watch for signs of impairment when they are out patrolling. If they see signs that someone is impaired,…

07 Aug,2019
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Impairment and Intoxication Can Negate Sexual Consent

There is some confusion as to what constitutes rape. Some people think that it means that a person uses violence…

02 Aug,2019
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Your Rights Dictate You Receive a Fair Trial for Criminal Charges

When a person is facing a criminal charge, they have to determine how they are going to handle their defense.…

22 Jul,2019
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Domestic Violence Cases Present Unique Challenges

Domestic violence cases are often difficult for prosecutors. In some cases, the victims cooperate, and the case goes smoothly. The…

19 Jul,2019
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learn All You Can About Your Criminal Case

Facing a felony charge is a serious event. You have to be sure that you understand the implications of this…

12 Jul,2019
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Determine how Your Defense Strategy Can Impact Your Life

Facing criminal charges means that you need to take the initiative and work on your defense right away. You can't…

05 Jul,2019
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Take Drugged Driving Charges Seriously

People who drive vehicles on public roads have a duty to drive safely. This is done partly by following the…

26 Jun,2019
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Public Nudity Can Often Lead to Criminal Charges

Sex crimes come in many different forms. While some of these involve penetration and physical contact, others don't. One example…

20 Jun,2019
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Indictments Are only Required in Some Cases

There are many steps that occur in a criminal case. Some of these only happen in some cases and not…

13 Jun,2019
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Know About Your Defense Options for Domestic Violence Charges

Facing domestic violence charges isn't an easy feat. You have to think carefully about which defense options will apply to…

07 Jun,2019
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