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Collateral consequences make life difficult

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2020 | Felonies

Felony charges are a complex undertaking because of the impacts they can have on the defendant if they’re convicted of them. Not only does this person have to worry about what the court is going to hand down as a sentence, they also have to think about the life impacts of the collateral consequences.

People tend to focus on things like the possibility of jail time or having to pay fines when they’re convicted. They don’t think about things like how being labeled as a felon is going to affect their career and housing options later in life.

It is unacceptable that people who commit crimes serve their given court-issued punishments only to have to continue to live with the collateral consequences even after they’ve successfully completed them. These include things like having the conviction show up on a background check for a job or an apartment even though they did what the court demanded of them.

When it comes to the collateral consequences of felony charges, they can all work together to make life every difficult for the person. They can’t get a job because of the mark on their background check. This makes it difficult to get housing and a vehicle. It also makes it hard for the person to be able to pay fines or restitution. In some cases, it leads to recidivism.

People who are facing felony charges need to think about this aspect of their case while still considering the court-imposed sentences. This can help them create a defense strategy that they feel is in their best interests.

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