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Registered sex offenders have serious limitations

Being convicted on some sex crimes requires that the person be placed on the sex offender registry. This designation means that the person has to comply with some very strict laws. Failing to obey those laws can mean that the person might face new criminal charges that have serious consequences.

Defenses against sex crime charges shouldn't be rushed

Some criminal charges seem much worse than others simply because of the person who is considered the victim in it. One of these is when there is a sex crime charge pending against someone. These charges usually involve very personal facts about the victim, so they are often delicate matters. Trying to present a defense in these cases is a complex undertaking.

Kentucky law forbids indecent exposure

The summer months are here, which means that the heat is upon us. One thing that everyone needs to remember is that just because it is hot, you can't disrobe in an effort to remain cool. Instead, you must stay covered up so that you don't face criminal charges for indecent exposure.

Circumstances determine the defense options you have

Sex-related crimes often have intimate details that you might not want made public. While you can hope that all of these details won't come out, there is a chance that they will if you end up on trial for the charges you are facing. We know that this might be a frightening prospect.

All criminal charges, even sex charges, require a firm defense

When you are facing sex crime charges, your life is affected considerably. These charges come with a huge stigma that society places on you. Even though you have to deal with the societal stigma, you can still count on the criminal justice system to abide by the concept that you are innocent until you are proven guilty. The burden to prove that you are guilty is placed on the prosecution. Your job is to show that a reasonable person shouldn't believe everything the prosecution claimed.

Fighting back when misunderstandings lead to sex crime charges

When people hear that someone is charged with a sex-related offense, they are quick to judge without knowing the circumstances of the event. We know that this can lead a good number of people who are facing these types of charges to be wrongfully convicted, at least in a social setting.

Sex-related crimes can hinge on several points

Facing sex-related charges is something that demands immediate action. You can't just sit around and wait to see what is going to happen before you start working on a defense. In our previous blog post, we discussed how the presence of consent can have an impact on the defense you use. That is only one of the factors that must be considered.

The matter of consent in sexual assault cases

Being accused of sexual assault puts you in the position of having to defend yourself against what might have been a consensual sexual encounter. If you are facing these charges, you have to look into all of the possible defense options that might apply. While these can vary from case to case, there are often similar themes that are shared between many cases.

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