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Kentucky police using computer forensics in sex crimes cases

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has committed money and other resources to target individuals for investigation for possession of child pornography. According to state police officials, sex crimes of this type have increased tremendously with more people using their computers and the Internet to sell, view or download illegal materials depicting children.

Indecent exposure is a sex crime

Sex crimes can take many different forms, including rape, sexual abuse, and incest. In the state of Kentucky, indecent exposure is also a sex crime. Although indecent exposure may not seem as serious as some of the other sex crimes, it can still have very serious consequences.

Bowling Green man faces child sex abuse charges

A child sexual abuse charge is very serious. A person who is charged with child sexual abuse faces harsh penalties under Kentucky law. The penalties vary depending on a number of factors, such as the age of the child, the child’s injuries, and the alleged offender’s criminal history.

Skillful representation to fight false accusations of sex crimes

Depending upon the circumstances, sometimes, it just takes allegations of sexual misconduct or sexual assault to cause damage to reputation. Aggressive prosecution is just one aspect of sex crimes that makes it clear that the state of Kentucky takes these crimes very seriously. A sex crimes conviction can result in significant penalties imposed by a court including serving time in prison.

Kentucky offers alternatives to prison in sex crimes cases

A person accused of committing sex crimes in Kentucky faces serious penalties if prosecutors are able to prove that the allegations are true. The state's criminal laws allow a judge to sentence a person to a lengthy prison sentence and to order that the person be registered with the sex offender registry.

Legal counsel can help to keep you off the sex offender registry

It would be naive to think that some crimes or accusations are not viewed by society with added disdain. The difference in punishment and sentences levied out to convicted defendants is an easy method for measuring this difference, but the black mark of a conviction does not necessarily disappear after your fine is paid, probation is lifted or prison sentence is complete.

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