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Different factors can impact a drunk driving defense

In our previous blog post, we discussed how drunk driving laws in Kentucky are strict. The fact is that all states are taking a tough stance against drunk driving simply because the effects of this crime are so horrendous. Whether you are facing drunk driving charges in Kentucky or Tennessee, we are here to help you learn how you can fight against these charges.

Drunk driving is a serious matter in Kentucky

Drunk driving is a problem all year long, but during the holidays it escalates. Maybe it is the holiday party season or the need to numb feelings of sadness that can creep in at this time of year. Whatever the reason for the alcohol consumption, the fact remains that driving after you've had a few drinks can land you in legal trouble.

Man wearing chastity belt arrested for DWI

Some Tennessee Highway Patrol officers recently encountered an allegedly impaired driver who was unusually dressed. However, it wasn't the red mesh hose or the skirt that the 35-year-old man was wearing when police stopped him for suspicion of driving under the influence that took them aback.

How are military DUIs handled?

If you are a service member who is arrested for DUI while on base, your commanding officer will have a large role in determining what will happen to you. He or she can do anything from determining that you should only be subject to an administrative action to levying an Article 15 non-judicial judgment to recommending a court martial. Both an Article 15 and a court martial fall under the Uniform Court of Military Justice.

How often do DUI cases get dropped?

If you're facing DUI charges and considering fighting them, you may find yourself wondering what the odds are that you're going to get the charges dropped or dismissed. Does this only happen in such a tiny percentage of cases that it's not worth your time, or do you have a real chance to get out of court without charges?

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