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How are military DUIs handled?

If you are a service member who is arrested for DUI while on base, your commanding officer will have a large role in determining what will happen to you. He or she can do anything from determining that you should only be subject to an administrative action to levying an Article 15 non-judicial judgment to recommending a court martial. Both an Article 15 and a court martial fall under the Uniform Court of Military Justice.

How often do DUI cases get dropped?

If you're facing DUI charges and considering fighting them, you may find yourself wondering what the odds are that you're going to get the charges dropped or dismissed. Does this only happen in such a tiny percentage of cases that it's not worth your time, or do you have a real chance to get out of court without charges?

Can you get a DUI without the 'D?'

You leave a party or a bar, get in your car and then realize that you're in no condition to drive because you've had too much to drink. You decide to stay in your car and sleep it off or wait for a friend or family member to pick you up. That's the prudent thing to do, right? You have to do more than that if you don't want to risk being charged with a DUI.

Crystalline alcohol could lead to drunk driving charges

At least one manufacturer has a product idea that is drawing the attention of government officials in Kentucky for all of the wrong reasons. As law enforcement and prosecutors get ready for an increase in drunk driving charges during the holidays, state legislators will have a new law on their desks to vote on when 2016 rolls around to ban the use, sale or possession of powdered or crystalline alcohol.

How illegal per se in Kentucky can affect your DUI charge

It is no secret that Kentucky takes driving while intoxicated offenses seriously. Conviction of a DUI charge can cost you money in fines, put you in jail and result in a license suspension. Penalties are even harsher for repeat offenders who may also be forced to give up the license plates on the vehicles they own and be restricted to only driving vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock device that prevents a car from starting if alcohol is detected on the breath of the driver.

Kentucky has tough penalties for a breath test refusal

Police, prosecutors and judges are serious about drunk driving charges throughout Kentucky. Their efforts are supported by laws authorizing tough penalties including license suspension, fines, imprisonment, and mandatory alcohol and drug assessment.

There are multiple ways to defend you against DUI charges

Kentucky law can be quite harsh when it comes to charges of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. But before you can be penalized for drunk driving you need to be convicted first, it is incumbent on the prosecution in any such case to see to it that the accused's legal rights are respected. Part of this respect is based in the federal and state constitutional protections against things like unreasonable searches and seizures, the right to gather evidence and to present witnesses in defense, to cross-examine prosecution witnesses, and more.

How will aggravating circumstances affect my DUI charge?

The consequences of being stopped by the police in Bowling Green and charged with drunk driving charges can be enormous. Besides the fines, jail time and license suspension that state law authorizes for a conviction, additional penalties may be imposed if prosecutors prove that aggravating circumstances existed at the time of the violation.

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