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Is the U.S. criminal justice system broken?

The apparent increase in crimes, especially violent crimes, that took place in the last few decades of the 20th Century led governments at both the state and federal levels to adopt "get-tough" strategies when it comes to sentencing measures. These have included things like “three-strike” laws (such as in Tennessee) and mandatory minimum prison sentences which are meant to take convicted criminals off the streets, sometimes permanently.

Criminal defense after a street encounter with police

We recently wrote about probable cause being needed by a police officer in order to make a lawful arrest in Bowling Green, Kentucky. An officer lacking probable cause might still be able to stop, question and conduct a limited search of the outer clothing of a person based on a standard known as reasonable suspicion.

How does Kentucky define “stalking?"

Life can be a continual series of balancing acts, in which behaviors that are acceptable up to a point can become unacceptable once that point is passed. When an interest in someone else becomes a fascination, then goes further into an obsession that can lead the object of the attention to feel threatened. This is the subject of multiple Kentucky statutes.

What does Tennessee consider to be "mitigating circumstances?"

Sometimes for a criminal defendant in a Tennessee court simply denying any wrongdoing may not be enough, especially if it seems likely that the jury will find that at least some culpability exists. The criminal justice system does not always lend itself to black-or-white outcome; a defendant is not always either acquitted or given the maximum punishment.

How Kentucky law defines burglary

For many people, the idea of a burglar is someone who breaks into a home for the purpose of stealing things inside of it. While this definition is technically correct as far as it goes, a more detailed look at Kentucky law shows that the crime of burglary can encompass multiple behaviors other than breaking into a home to commit theft.

Life without parole is not an option for juvenile offenses

The first impression of what could be a juvenile crime is probably joyriding or shoplifting a DVD from a department store, or maybe a bit more serious matter, such as possessing marijuana. But rarely if ever does one think of murder as a juvenile crime. And how does a judge mete out justice to a 14-year-old when the adult sentence for the crime is life in prison?

How do plea bargains work in a criminal defense?

For a criminal case defendant, negotiating with the criminal justice system often starts at the moment of apprehension or arrest. It can be as simple as trying to persuade a police officer not to write you that speeding ticket, or if that fails trying to convince the traffic court judge that you shouldn't have to pay the ticket amount, or at least not all of it.

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