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Prosecutions might rely on signs of domestic violence in a case

Domestic abuse is something that isn't always easy to prove in court. If you have been accused of domestic violence, it is imperative that you take the points being used against you into account when you decide what you are going to do about your defense.

Find defense options for domestic violence charges

Domestic violence accusations are the start of a chain of events that might make your life very difficult. If your spouse or live-in significant other accuses you of domestic violence, you might not even be able to return home. We know that you probably didn't plan for this to happen. You might not have an alternative place to go; however, you must comply with any court orders issued in the case or you risk facing even more legal trouble.

Repercussions of domestic violence can effect custody

There are many reasons to aggressively defend yourself against domestic violence allegations — protecting your reputation, retaining your right to own firearms, avoiding jail time — but one that is often overlooked in criminal cases is the effect those allegations could potentially have on a child custody case in the future.

Beware of false accusations of domestic violence

If you are involved in a toxic relationship, you could face a very real risk of being falsely accused of committing acts of domestic violence against your spouse or intimate partner. Clearing your good name after such allegations have already been levied against you can be a Sisyphean task, so you need to be proactive.

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