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Firearm restrictions related to domestic violence vary by state

State laws regarding the possession and purchase of firearms and ammunition by people convicted of domestic violence crimes vary. Under federal law, these things are prohibited. Further, federal law mandates that those convicted of domestic violence surrender all firearms currently in their possession.

Why do the holidays give rise to more domestic violence?

Although the year-end holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and giving, for many people they're anything but that. With kids home from school, spouses off of work and extended family visiting, the togetherness can get overwhelming.

Have you been accused of domestic violence? We can help

Being accused of domestic violence is very serious. It can even lead to a wide variety of criminal charges, such as physical assault, sexual abuse, and kidnapping. In addition to possible criminal penalties, a domestic violence incident can result in a protection order between you and your family members. If you have been accused of domestic violence, you should seek legal advice right away to protect your rights.

Domestic violence charges are taken seriously by Kentucky police

Family violence has been the subject of media attention nationally over how professional sports leagues have handled allegations and criminal charges against players. A recent arrest in Kentucky seems to make it clear that the state police are taking accusations of bodily injury by victims of domestic violence quite seriously.

An overview of domestic violence restraining orders in Kentucky

Sometimes before a divorce or a legal separation occurs, it is preceded by rising tensions between the spouses or partners specifically, or within the family in general. Occasionally, these tensions rise to the level of emotional abuse or threatening statements and behaviors; and in worst-case situations, animosities can boil over into overt physical violence.

Peterson case raises issue of criminal child abuse vs. discipline

In many criminal cases, the ability to negotiate the charges for less serious penalties can be the key to decreasing or even avoiding prison time. In the high-profile case involving professional football star Adrian Peterson, a plea agreement avoided a possible sentence of two years in prison.

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