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October 2019 Archives

Child pornography charges require a firm defense

Child pornography is illegal in all states in this country. It is very easy to access materials that meet these requirements because they are prevalent on the internet. Just because they are easy to find doesn't mean that you should view them. It is possible that a person might face a criminal charge for child pornography even if they accidentally navigate onto a page that has it.

You can't blame the full moon for criminal activities

The next full moon is coming on Oct. 13. This is also a full hunter's moon. For some, this is a cool event that can bring about some changes in the atmosphere. It is widely believed that crime increases when there is a full moon; however, this isn't something that is backed by evidence.

Pay attention to what happens during a drunk driving stop

With football season here, and the winter holiday season coming up soon, now is the perfect time for people to remember some of the reasons they should avoid drunk driving. One of the most important is that they are putting their own life at risk when they drive after drinking. They are also risking the life of every innocent person who is on the road around them.

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