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April 2020 Archives

What can cause an officer to suspect you of drunk driving?

Traffic stops for suspected drunk driving are an all-too-common occurrence for automobile drivers here in Kentucky and other parts of the United States. It's the most likely interaction that any average person will ever have with law enforcement in their lives. A police officer is likely to suspect that a motorist who operates their car recklessly is driving under the influence (DUI) more so than others here in Bowling Green.

What restrictions do I face after a domestic violence conviction?

Domestic violence is a crime in Kentucky much like it is any other state. Individuals who are convicted of this offense may not only face potential criminal penalties for this crime but also have other restrictions placed on them once they've served their time in jail.

What's the long-term impact of being a convicted felon?

When a defendant is facing criminal charges, they often think about the short-term implications of being convicted of a crime such as fines or jail time. They don't tend to think about the long-term impact of being found guilty of a felony. If they were aware of the latter, then they'd likely never agree to accept a plea deal or fight harder to defend themselves in court.

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