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Society’s views may not follow the court’s in sex crime cases

A person who is facing a sex-related criminal charge has a tough road ahead of them. In some cases, the…

13 Mar,2020
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Mandatory minimum sentences serve various purposes

People who are facing criminal charges have a lot of things to think about concerning their cases. One of these…

06 Mar,2020
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Reasonable suspicion and how it can impact your DUI defense

Police officers have to have a reason for pulling a motorist over. It is possible that they can do this…

28 Feb,2020
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Prosecutor Appeals Sentence in Plea Deal, Claims Too Light

Appeals in the criminal justice system aren't really rare, but most of those come from the defendant appealing something. What…

27 Feb,2020
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Collateral Consequences Make Life Difficult

Felony charges are a complex undertaking because of the impacts they can have on the defendant if they're convicted of…

26 Feb,2020
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Rape Charges Can Stem from Various Situations

Anytime you have sexual contact with someone, you must have that person's consent. There is a chance that you might…

26 Feb,2020
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Impaired Driving in Kentucky Can Land You in Jail

The holiday season is here, which means that adults are probably going to have invitations to office Christmas parties and…

26 Feb,2020
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Felony Charges: What You Need to Know

Every state has different categories of crimes depending on their level of seriousness. In Kentucky and Tennessee, the three categories…

25 Feb,2020
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Bowling Green Man Faces Child Sex Abuse Charges

A child sexual abuse charge is very serious. A person who is charged with child sexual abuse faces harsh penalties…

25 Feb,2020
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Crime classifications directly impact sentences

People who are involved in the criminal justice system must realize that not all charges are handled in the same…

21 Feb,2020
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